(HELSINKI) In Finland, the new legislation bill by the Minister of Immigration Astrid Thors has encountered a mixed reception in the Finnish Parliament on its introduction on Wednesday. The Finnish newspaper Aamulehti published an article about the bill, which has been prepared in unusual secrecy and could lead to the most liberal immigration policy in Europe if voted through. Finland’s most noted critic of the state’s immigration policy, Jussi Halla-aho, also a newly-elected member of the municipal council of Helsinki, wrote in his blog that the outcome of the bill could make it impossible to deport those asylum seekers who don’t meet the definition or have engaged in criminal activities.

The bill might have the effect of opening a back door for illegal immigration to the European Union. If passed as such, the bill would allow asylum seekers to enter Finland on very loosely defined bases.

Unto Valpas, a representative of the committee of administration, expressed his concern about the bill in Aamulehti’s interview, stating that Finland cannot become a gateway of illegal immigration into the EU.

The bill has raised a considerable amount of discussion in the Finnish blogosphere, mainly due to its secrecy. After Aamulehti broke the silence, concerned bloggers have let their voices be heard. The word of mouth about the subject on various discussion forums led to an online petition demanding that the bill to be reconsidered. It has been signed by over 8000 people in just two days. The silence regarding the bill by the biggest newspapers of Finland, such as Helsingin Sanomat, has raised questions about the sensitive nature of the subject and the tendency to political correctness on such matters, reminiscent of the days of Finlandization in the 1960s and ’70s.

Source: Jussi Halla-aho´s Guestbook.

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